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European Football

With increase popularity and participation the European Football Association
had to change many rules in it is forthcoming tournaments. For instance penalty
shootouts were first introduced in 1976. This is when Antonín Panenka hit the
famous clipped shot. Till the 1976 football event the hosts of the event had to
qualify like other teams but after that, this rule was quashed and since then the
hosts automatically qualify from the quarter final forwards. Also till the 1976 tournament

four teams would play in the final tournament, and the format was
change after that in the 1980 cup when eight teams competed with each other.

The 1980 European football cup was held in Italy and for the first time the group
stage of playing was introduced. Winners from each of the group proceeded to
the next level in the game. The second place winners played for the third place
play-offs. The 1980 cup was won by West Germany for the 2nd time. The final
was held in Rome and was played between West Germany and Belgium. France
won the 1984 finals beating Spain 2-0. Again the format changed here and the
semi-finals stage was introduced. The 3rd place play-off was cancelled from this